Dance classes are led by our experienced Dance teacher and coordinator Ms. Jill Dextraze.  Ms. Jill has an extensive background in dance and is a member of the Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey.

Dance has shown to be extremely beneficial to students by: developing good posture, poise and grace, promoting friendships, self-esteem and confidence, stimulating creativity and encouraging the appreciation of the performing arts.

Dance Classes at the Deer Path Branch:

Pre-Ballet at Deer Path - ages 3-4

Ballet I/Tap at Deer Path  - ages 4-6

Ballet II/Tap at Deer Path  - ages 6-8

Ballet III/Tap  - ages 9-12

Jazz/Hip Hop - ages 5-7

Jazz/Hip Hop - ages 8-11


Dance Classes at the Round Valley Branch:

Pre-Ballet - ages 3-4

Ballet I/Tap  - ages 4-6

Ballet II/Tap - ages 6-8

Hip Hop Kids - ages 3-6

For more information contact Jill Dextraze at 908-782-1044 x 4949 or


The gymnastics program is designed for children to have fun while learning gymnastics skills – and lifetime skills such as goal setting, safety, self-discipline and self-confidence.  

Gymnastics Classes at the Deer Path Branch:

Tumble & Sports 2-4 years

Kinder Gymnastics - Level 1  - 1.5-3 years

Kinder Gymnastics - Level 2  - 3-5 years

Junior Gymnastics Level 1  - 4-7 years

Junior Gymnastics Level 2  - 7+ years

Cheerleading - 4-7 years


Gymnastics Classes at the Round Valley Branch:

Tumble & Sports - Ages 2-4

Kinder Gymnastics - Level 2  3-5 years

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