Ages: 6 – through 12
Lessons follow the YMCA of the USA Progressive Swim Lesson Program. Levels range from non-swimmer through competitive level.  These six levels of progressively challenging YMCA swim classes cover all strokes, diving fundamentals and safety skills.  All children are tested the first day of class to insure correct placement.  Lessons are offered during the weekdays as well as weeknights and weekends

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POLLIWOG • Non-swimmer/Beginner Level(Flotation used)
Floating, gliding, kicking and rhythmic breathing (bobs) are learned. Swimming 15 yards using the paddle stroke without flotation must be demonstrated before advancing to Guppy.

GUPPY • Intermediate Beginner
Rotary breathing (proper breathing with front crawl), backstroke, and water safety are learned. Diving skills are introduced. Child must swim 15 yards demonstrating rotary breathing before advancing to Minnow.

MINNOW • Advanced Beginner
Refining front and back crawl, diving and building endurance is the goal of this level. Child must swim 25 yards demonstrating proficiency at front and back crawl to advance to Fish.

FISH • Intermediate
Breast stroke, butterfly kick, and continued refinement of front and back crawl are taught. Includes endurance swimming using varied strokes and turns. Child must swim 25 yards using a properly coordinated kick and pull in breast stroke to advance to Flying Fish.

FLYING FISH • Advanced Intermediate
Butterfly stroke, and continued refinement of breast stroke, front and back crawl are taught. Starting from the block and flip turns are introduced. Child must do an individual medley (25 yards each of butterfly, backstroke, breast stroke and front crawl) to advance to Shark.

SHARK • Advanced
Competitive swimming skills are introduced. Further emphasis is also placed on stroke mechanics, starts, turns and endurance.

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During the Summer Session swim lessons are also offered at the Union Gap Village Outdoor Pool. Learn more.

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