Jeff Gold serves as our Program Coordinator for the Healthy Living Department. He lives and breathes for combining his extensive academic and practical backgrounds to share his passion towards fitness with our members and staff.

Academically, he has earned a Masters of Science degree in Applied Health and Physiology and is certified by the NSCA as well as a trained TRX specialist. Jeff has also taught higher education courses and enjoys applying research-based science with practical experience to help others achieve results in the fastest and safest manners regardless of their goals, exercise history, or physical restrictions.

Jeff has proven success helping all demographics. He has served in the trenches and trained collegiate national championship teams for sports performance improvements and injury prevention, coached Varsity track, shadowed in Physical Therapy and Occupational settings, and assisted numerous individuals towards physical and mental transformations.

For more information about Personal Training call Jeff Gold, Fitness and Wellness Program Coordinator 908-782-1044 x4919 or email


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