Take the Challenge
Have fun, lose weight, boost your energy, and improve your health! Make small consistent changes to meet your long-term goals. The YMCA team is here to support you.

Who: All Deer Path and Round Valley members ages 18+ are eligible for free entry

What: The 3 Males and 3 Females from each branch with the greatest percentage of body weight lost from initial entry to final entry will be awarded prizes! Example: 250lb entry, 225lb final = 10% loss|  100lb entry, 90lb final = 10% loss
This is self guided challenge; you track your own fitness and wellness activities. Helpful tips will be posted to Y social media and Fitness Center Associates can provide guidance.

When: April 9-May 20 during normal HCYMCA operating hours
  Entry weigh in: April 9-15
  Final weigh in:  May 14-20

How: All information will be confidentially documented by Fitness and Wellness Program Coordinator Jeff Gold. If he is unavailable, a Fitness Center Associate may weigh you and enter a bid for Jeff to record. Shoes may not be worn during weigh-ins. Winners will be notified via their registered contact info.

For questions please contact Jeff Gold or (908) 782-1044 x4919

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Build Your Habits, Build Your Future
Strengthening behaviors of remaining active, staying healthy, and gaining a better understanding of nutrition can help teens continue these habits into adulthood. The Y Teen Challenge can help teens learn to enjoy the process of investing regularly towards any endeavor.

Who: AllDeer Path and Round Valley members ages 12-17 are eligible for free entry 

What: All registered teens who participate in exercise activity a minimum of 24 total times will earn a reward with an entry towards a prize!

When: April 9 -May 20 during normal HCYMCA operating hours
  Registration and start date sign in: April 9-15
 Final sign ins:  May 14-20

How: Have a Fitness Center Associate or Membership Associate initial after each session. Total days initialed will be accumulated.  Any HCYMCA activity for 30 minutes at minimum per day willbe considered! (teens ages 12-15 need to complete a free orientation prior to using the Fitness Center).

Winners will be notified via contact information on tracking card

For questions please contact Jeff Gold or (908) 782-1044 x4919


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