We offer year-round swim programs in our indoor heated pool. Our student centered approach focuses on skill development, building self-confidence, increasing water safety awareness and having fun.  Conducted in small groups by experienced instructors children are placed according to their age and abilities.

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PIKE(PRESCHOOL LEVEL 1) • Ages 2.5 – 4 Years
A water acclimation class. Students learn blowing bubbles, back and front float, water exit and entry as well as the survival sequence of rolling from front to back float and back.   Flotation device used.

EEL(PRESCHOOL LEVEL 2) • Ages 4 – 5 Years
A water movement class.  Students learn purposeful movement in the water.  Skills developed include bobs, treading, paddle stroke, back float and front float and the survival sequence of swim-float-swim. Flotation device used.

RAY (PRESCHOOL LEVEL 3) • Ages 4 – 5 Years
A water stamina class.  Students build endurance and learn skills including bobs, fundamentals of rotary breathing and basic backstroke as well as front and back float and the survival sequence of swim– float-swim.  No flotation devices used.

A stroke introduction class.  Skills include refining front and back crawl, diving, building endurance, introduction to breaststroke and butterfly kick as well as the survival stroke – elementary back stroke.

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For questions, contact Flora Mannino at 908-483-4924 or fmannino@hcymca.org.

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