Cancelled classes scheduled for 3/14 will be made up 4/18

Hunterdon County YMCA is the starting point for many children to learn about the teamwork and leadership skills crucial to youth sports, and life as a whole. For families across Flemington and Annandale, NJ, Hunterdon County YMCA provides memberships for families to explore new sports classes that not only build physical strength, but the confidence to tackle all the world will bring in the future.

Gymnastics, Soccer, Dance, & More

Each child has a unique set of skills, and our youth sports classes bring children together to strengthen their physical and emotional skills. We offer classes that range from gymnastics, soccer, and dance to yoga and hockey. While children build the foundational physical skills, they're also pushing emotional boundaries that result in a well-rounded disposition. Whether it's leadership, confidence, or working as a group, children learn to face those obstacles and develop lifelong skills.


In addition to the physical benefits of youth sports, we pride ourselves on digging deeper to fully enrich the lives of our youth. With so many crucial skills still in development, exposing your child to our enrichment classes allows them to work with music, crafts, and more to reap the benefits of a well-rounded education.

Not only is music a fun outlet for children, but studies show that listening to music is correlated with higher academic achievement related to math, reading, and emotional development. Whenever your child picks up tools to draw and design, they are required to use both hands. Therefore, crafts work their fine motor coordination. Incorporating the fun, community aspect of enrichment classes with a deeper mission keeps our students ready for their future education. Learn more about our other widespread enrichment classes.


If you're ready to get your children involved in youth sports or enrichment classes, explore the below offerings for more detail by clicking on the links. Each class offers a unique set of benefits for particular age groups. Click here for information regarding cancellations and makeups for Round Valley classes.

If you're interested in sports for the whole family, not just youth sports, please see our Tween and Teen Program page for more programs. We have something for each member of your family to ensure they stay happy and healthy, all while developing crucial leadership and teamwork skills.

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