From Carmen – More Tips to Avoid Injury

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Continuing our recent conversation on tips to avoid injury, today let’s discuss 3 more common ways that injury occurs, primarily in strength/weight training:

  1. Training too often:  Over training inhibits the body’s ability to heal and recover in a timely manner. Glycogen and ATP stores must have adequate recovery time in order to keep up with rigorous training.  Keep strength training sessions to no more than 1 hour long, 3 or 4 times a week.
  2. Poor Nutrition: Under eating and training heavy and hard often results in injury. If you want to cut calories for weight loss it doesn’t mean you can’t be intense in your workout, but it does mean you should use lighter weights.
  3. Concentration: Lack of concentration invites injury. Increased concentration is needed to lift increased poundage. Don’t be distracted. Train hard, but train smart.
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