Carmen’s Tip – Keeping your Fitness Goals on Track

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Are your 2019 Fitness Goals still going strong?  I hope you’re moving along with your goals just as swiftly as March’s lion-like entrance.

If you’ve been exercising consistently without much change in your routine, you’ll soon notice your body has adjusted to the demands placed on it. Your results may slow down or even stop. This is the dreaded PLATEAU.

To help avoid this plateau, join our March Fitness Challenge.  Here’s how you can use the Challenge to get the greatest benefit:

  1. Switch up your schedule. Try a different time of day. Did you notice any changes in your energy levels?
  2. Try a variety of classes. Confusing your body with something new is good for your brain and your muscles.

Stop at the Welcome Center today to get your challenge card and continue your 2019 fitness success story!

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