Carmen’s Tips on Improving Bone Density

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Improving Bone Density

As many as 44 million people in the U.S. suffer from low bone mass.  Low bone mass can lead to osteoporosis which is weak and brittle bones.

Exercise has been proven to be a catalyst in improving bone density, specifically exercise that involves weight-bearing and muscle strength. Here are some good examples:

High Impact Weight-bearing Exercises:  Dancing, hiking, jogging, running, jumping rope, stair climbing, tennis

Low Impact Weight-bearing Exercises:  Elliptical, low-impact aerobics, stair step machine, fast walk on the treadmill or outside

Muscle Strength Exercises:  Lifting weights, elastic exercise bands, body weight training, functional movement training

Two important things to note regarding bone density:

Building bone density is site specific. A runner pounding the pavement would need to do upper body strength training to improve bone density above the waistline.

Like muscles, bones don’t grow stronger during workouts, they grow stronger between the workouts. Make sure to plan your workouts with ample recovery time to maximize bone regeneration.

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