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How do you keep your health and wellness willpower and motivation from waning halfway through the year? 

Willpower –  the ability to maintain the self-control needed to begin and complete a given action (such as exercise regularly, make healthy choices, etc.).

Here are 5 things that can drain your willpower and tips for ways you can choose to control them.

  1. Eating Enough: Lack of proper nutrients and calories in your diet will zap your energy and willpower. It can create a slump of doing no exercise at all or it may result in an unhealthy eating binge where more calories are consumed than needed and/or intended.  Fuel your body well throughout the day to avoid these crashes and binges.
  2. Dieting: On the opposite side of the spectrum is counting calories and constant worrying about food consumption. Dieting is often an all or nothing mindset can be absolutely exhausting. Feed your body whole foods. Focus less on restrictions and more on the good stuff.
  3. Lack of Sleep: Adequate sleep is vital to maintaining a focused mind and providing the energy your body needs to meet the physical demands you put on it. Get those recommended 8 plus hours of sleep.
  4. Boundaries: Having no set boundaries in your life will ensure chaos and stress. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Setting boundaries will help you take better care of yourself, communicate more effectively with others, and be a better employee and friend.
  5. You think you need more willpower: Thinking you need more willpower to have willpower is a vicious cycle.  Use what you’ve got!

You can do this!

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