Erika’s Post – Trouble Sleeping?

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Many people have trouble sleeping.


Have  you heard them talk about Melatonin?



Melatonin is a hormone the brain releases each night that is critical for inducing sleep.



Melatonin supplements appear to be safe, when used for up to six months. Some people can safely take a melatonin supplement for as long as two years, under medical supervision.

Side effects include headache, dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. Melatonin may also affect estrogen and testosterone levels, and increase risk of bone fractures.

Melatonin should be taken about 45 minutes before bed. Start with 1 mg or less and work up to 3 mg or more as needed. Always consult with a physician regarding safety of melatonin related to health conditions, medications, or other supplements.

There are many reasons for sleep disturbances and melatonin may be one way to help get more rest. But before supplementing, consider other aspects effecting sleep – timing of meals, diet, physical activity, caffeine consumption, and screen time.

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