Carmen’s Tips for a Healthy 2020

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Happy New Year!  However you chose to RING in the New Year, may you be RECHARGED and ready to take CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH!  Love your life and choose healthy goals for your next marathon of 365 days.

Here’s a review of a few simple, but SMART guidelines that I find helpful. I revisit these guidelines every January to keep myself on track.

SMART Guidelines are:

  1. Specific: What do you want to accomplish?  How will you accomplish it?  Equally as important, why do you want to accomplish this?
  2. Measureable: You will know when you reach your goal by…..how you feel? What you see? Who will you be accountable to?
  3. Attainable: Be realistic.  What is your motivation to reach this goal?
  4. Relevant: The goal must be important to YOU.
  5. Timely: Set a reasonable target date for your goal.

We have many resources at our HCY to help you reach your SMART goals:

  • Y Nutritionist
  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Fitness classes for all levels and abilities
  • TRX.

Contact me today at cfarrand@hcymca.org for more information on any of these resources.

May 2020 be a happy, healthy year for you!

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