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February is almost here.

I love February! It’s my birthday month, Valentine’s Day, and American Heart Month.

American Heart Month means a lot to so many of us because heart disease has touched close friends and family. This year, it has particular significance to me.

Today and throughout February I’ll share some heart changing tips, from my heart to yours.

Tip #1:  Choose Healthy Foods. 

Instead of focusing on what foods you should avoid, switch the focus to adding GREAT foods into your diet. Before you know it, the “not so important” foods gradually get pushed out without being missed.

GREAT foods to try for your palate and heart might include:

Oats – Try overnight oats for breakfast. You can purchase them (www.oatsovernight.com) or easily make them yourself by putting equal parts oats and milk in a Mason jar or bowl, then place in your fridge overnight. You can mix in fruit, cinnamon, maple syrup, etc. In the morning you’re all set.

Fresh Spinach – Put spinach leaves on a sandwich or wrap in place of lettuce.

Kiwi and other fruits and vegetables – For dessert try a plate of fresh fruit pineapple, raspberries, kiwi, and blueberries. And try having two vegetables at dinner like green beans and carrots, Brussels sprouts and squash, or cauliflower and broccoli.

Research also suggests there are benefits to adding some DARK CHOCOLATE into your food choices.

That makes my heart happy!

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