Carmen’s Post – Exercise Can Help With Anxiety

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Exercise & Anxiety

Taking care of your health during this unprecedented time in our country is of upmost importance. 

My blog posts focus primarily on wellness as it relates to fitness and how fitness can benefit your well-being.  I think all of our stress levels are at an all-time high right now, so in this post I would like to share some information regarding exercise and your MENTAL fitness.

When you notice anxiety first creeping in, you need to re-focus. Try 10-15 minutes of AEROBIC exercise.  Aerobic exercise has been shown to release endorphins which are chemicals released in the brain that act as ‘pain killers’.  Short bursts of exercise may help improve concentration and renew your energy. Go for a brisk walk, ride a bike, do jumping jacks – anything that gets you moving.

For more information on exercise and anxiety click here.

Stay well!

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