Carmen’s Post – Realistic Goal Setting

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Happy New Year!  2021 is FINALLY here and it’s time to refocus, reset, and be realistic.  Often times we set goals that are GREAT for us to achieve, but not easily acquired in a short time frame.  We need motivation, rewarded, and to have fun!  This year as you set goals,  reel them in to be smaller, manageable and rewarding.  For instance, instead of the goal being 50 lbs of weight loss during the year, break it down into a smaller game plan:
  • lose 1-2 lbs per week
  • drink 8 glasses of water/day
  • exercise 5 days/week
Reward yourself for these weekly and/or daily achieved small goals to keep your motivation and momentum REFRESHED!  Rewards do not have to be expensive and are encouraged to not be centered around food.  I gravitate towards a specific brand of fitness wear.  A reward for me might be a certain amount of money each goal achieved towards a larger priced fitness item.   By creating these smaller and more attainable goals, we support the wellness change to become a permanent lifestyle habit.
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