Carmen’s Post – National Coffee Break Day

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Today is National Coffee Break Day….let’s CELEBRATE!  Put the TO-DO list down and grab a hot fresh cup of coffee or tea.   There are many benefits of
REST and RELAXATION, but today I will share 3 ways we can enhance our busy lives by simply taking a break.
  • RESTORED ENERGY:  Our bodies are much like cars and need ‘gasoline’ to keep running.  REST provides a chance for our energy stores to refuel and recharge.
  • REPAIR BODY:  Healing and restoration occur when we REST and RELAX.  Sleep is a very important part of keeping the body repaired.  Quality of sleep helps the body repair so daily functional movement can occur without injury.
  • ENHANCE MOOD:  RELAX with a good book, movie, game night, etc… When we let our mind escape from daily stresses and think happy thoughts, we often improve our mindset and mood.
Time for a refill in that mug?  Rinse and repeat the above advice.
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