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Fit February is off to a FABULOUS start.  Mother Nature forced most of us off our comfy couches and tossed us outdoors to shovel crazy amounts of snow!  While the snow was absolutely beautiful,  I found the 20+ inches very heavy.  Perhaps your body alerted you the next day, as well, that it had found some new and unused muscles.   Try these 5 simple stretches to prevent soreness after shoveling.  Maybe you can execute them the next snowstorm?!?!

Doorway stretch:  After being hunched forward while shoveling, stand just outside of the doorway. Place your hands on either side of the doorframe and lean in gently. Feel a stretch in the shoulders and chest.

Lower Trunk Rotation:  To get stiffness out of the lower back, lie flat on the floor, feet together on the ground, and with both knees bent. Gently rotate your knees to one side until you feel a stretch in your low back.

Cat & Cow – Get down on your hands and knees. Round your back up like a cat and hold, then arch your back and hold. Repeat several times.

Eagle Arms – Wrap your arms around each other so your palms face each other push your arms up and your hands out – you’ll feel this stretch in your upper back. Switch which arm is on top to even out the stretch.

Quad stretch – Grab onto your ankle behind your back and push your hip forward. Repeat with the other leg.

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