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For the LOVE of all that is good, Welcome to February and lots of snow!  To begin this HEARTY month, let’s discuss SELF-CARE.  Self-care is LOVING and APPRECIATING yourself by REGULARLY taking care of your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.
Here are some small, but important ways, to begin practicing SELF-CARE:
BODY:  Caring for your body sets the foundation for a healthy you:  NOURISH your body through wise food choices.  MOVE your body through exercise for 30 minutes every day.  REST adequately with quality sleep.  Don’t take good health for granted.   Practice moving every day.
MIND:  Foster positive thoughts about yourself and toss the negative words out.  Grow from your past mistakes instead of punishing yourself with harsh words and inner destructive thoughts.  We are often excellent at encouraging others with positive words, but when glancing at ourselves in the mirror, extremely unkind to the reflection.  Kindness to YOU, whether in verbiage or thoughts, is excellent SELF-LOVE.  Accepting your strengths, as well as weaknesses, is vital to a healthy mind.
SPIRIT:  Live intentionally.  Live with passion and purpose.  Find quiet moments to sit still each day reflecting on your life and goals.  Quietness can transform us to love ourselves by recharging our self-worth, self-respect, self-forgiveness and self-esteem.  Slow down and feel LOVE, HOPE, JOY,  and KINDNESS from ourselves to pass along to others.
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