Carmen’s Post – The Importance of Sleep

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Sleep is crucial for good mental health.  Lack of sleep causes irritability, depression, digestive issues, drowsiness during the day, and poor judgment.  As lack of sleep continues it can lead to more serious deficiencies and health issues including:  high blood pressure, diabetes, immune disease, increased heart disease, risk taking behaviors, suicide and depression.  Take control of the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep you receive by incorporating these simple tips:

  • Plan your sleep:  Make time and commit to a solid and consistent sleep schedule.  Be disciplined and get to bed.  Whatever is occupying your time can wait until tomorrow.  With more sleep you may find yourself far more productive during the day!
  • Watch what you eat and drink:  How much you eat/drink and how late you eat/drink can affect your sleep habits.
  • Plan some light exercise after your evening meal:  Movement has shown to improve sleep.  Do not plan anything too strenuous after dinner, but light and restorative exercise can improve sleep.
  • Avoid daytime naps:  Although you may be tired during the day, resist the urge to take daytime naps and instead adjust your sleep schedule so you will sleep better during the night.
Sweet dreams as you strive to improve your daily healthy habits.
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