Carmen’s Post – Health Benefits of Resistance Training

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Are you afraid of resistance training?  It might make you bulky?  Not sure where to even begin in using equipment or what exercises to start with?  Resistance training is a VERY important component to your workout regime.  We have been told over and over that in order to lose weight we need to do cardio activities.  While that is true, it is also very important to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine to aid in weight loss.  Resistance training increases lean muscle mass which helps the body to burn more calories and decrease body fat.  Other VERY important benefits from resistance training are an increase in bone density, and lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Resistance training helps develop strength and stamina in the body, which allows for everyday activities to become easier.  (lifting a child, carrying the groceries, picking things up off the floor)  Stronger muscle tissue and joint stability is also helpful in reducing injury.  Resistance training can be done using weight machines (i.e. our Life Fitness Circuit machines), free weights, resistance bands and your own body weight.  For maximum benefit, a beginner would need to train 2-3 times/week doing resistance training exercises.  Ways to get started on your resistance training at HCY?  Take one of our group fitness classes, explore the free weight room and circuit resistance machines and/or seek out advice from a personal trainer for instruction in safe lifting.

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