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To email a member of staff, use the beginning of their email address in parenthesis below and add @hcymca.org.

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Deer Path Branch (908-782-1030)

Omar Caponpon (ocaponpon) (Programming Specialist) 908-483-4933
Carmen Farrand (cfarrand) (Director of Health and Wellness)  908-782-1044 x 4919
Pamela Gardinsky (pgardinsky)  (Director of Membership and Programs) 908-483-4939
Justin Grand (jgrand) (Senior Director of Membership Experience)
Kristin Heimall (kheimall) (Senior Program Director) 908-483-4932
Jeanne Imholz (jimholz) (Safety Coordinator) 908-782-1044 x 4929
Flora Mannino (fmannino) (Aquatic Director) 908-483-4924
Jamie Sobel (jsobel) (Competitive Aquatics Director) 908-782-1044 x 4928
Christie Stymiest (cstymiest) (Assistant Aquatic Director)

Round Valley Branch & Community Programs (908-236-4184)

Wendy Crocetti (wcrocetti) (School Age Child Care Director) 908-483-4622
Stephanie Lawreck (sflawreck) (District Director, School Age Child Care) 908-483-4628
Karin Smith (ksmith) (Round Valley Child Learning Center Director) 908-483-4624

Association Administration (908-236-7879)

Neel Ahmed (nahmed) (Payroll & Benefits) 908-483-4325
Frank Barlow (fbarlow) (Vice-President of Facilities and Risk Management) 908-483-4923
Mary Carlucci (mcarlucci) (Chief Financial Officer) 908-483-4925
Heather Ruggeri (hruggeri) (Director of Marketing & Communications) 908-483-4331
Cara Salaki (csalaki) (Recruitment & Volunteer Coordinator)
Len Yacullo (lyacullo) (Director of IT & Special Projects) 908-483-4930

For Accounts Payable, please contact Mary Carlucci, for Program and Membership Billing, contact Len Yacullo or Mary Carlucci


30mayAll DayClosed for Memorial DayThank you to all who have served.


03jun6:30 pm8:00 pmFamily Movie Night

20junAll DaySummer Session Begins

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