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Deer Path Branch (908-782-1030)

Cameron Bullard (cbullard) (Association Program Director) 908-483-4934
Carmen Farrand (cfarrand) (Fitness and Wellness Program Coordinator 908-782-1044 x 4919
Pamela Gardinsky (pgardinsky)(Association Membership Services Coordinator) 908-483-4939
Justin Grand (jgrand) (Sr. Director of Member Engagement and Wellness) 908-483-4938
Kristin Heimall (kheimall) (Senior Program Director) 908-483-4932
Jeanne Imholz (jimholz) (Safety Coordinator) 908-782-1044 x 4929
Flora Mannino (fmannino) (Aquatic Director) 908-483-4924
Teri Saccal (tsaccal) (Director of Healthy Living)  908-483-4933
Jamie Sobel (jsobel) (Competitive Aquatics Director) 908-782-1044 x 4928

Round Valley Branch & Community Programs (908-236-4184)

Wendy Crocetti (wcrocetti) (School Age Child Care Director) 908-483-4622
Stephanie Lawreck (sflawreck) (District Director, School Age Child Care) 908-483-4628
Michael Reisman (mreisman) (Early Childhood Education Director) 908-483-4623
Karin Smith (ksmith) (Round Valley Child Learning Center Director) 908-483-4624

Association Administration (908-236-7879)

Neel Ahmed (nahmed) (Payroll & Benefits) 908-483-4325
Lu Ann Aversa (laversa) (Human Resources Director) 908-483-4327
Frank Barlow (fbarlow) (COO) 908-483-4923
Robert Lomauro(rlomauro) (Interim CEO) 908-483-4328
Claire Campos (ccampos) (Human Resources Coordinator) 908-483-4332
Mary Carlucci (mcarlucci) (Controller) 908-483-4925
Christine Coffey (ccoffey) (Director of Mission Advancement) 908-483-4326
Heather Ruggeri (hruggeri) (Director of Marketing & Communications) 908-483-4331
Cara Salaki (csalaki) (Recruitment & Volunteer Coordinator) 908-236-7879 x 4337
Len Yacullo (lyacullo) (Director of IT & Special Projects) 908-483-4930

For Accounts Payable, please contact Mary Carlucci, for Program and Membership Billing, contact Len Yacullo or Mary Carlucci

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