20% Savings Every Month With a Buddy Membership
 Please  click here  for joiner's fee information.

Please click here for joiner's fee information.

We’re always here for you AND your friends and family.  Save big on your YMCA memberships when you and your friend commit to being healthy and finding connectedness and community at the Y, you both enjoy a 20% savings on the standard rate each month. Current Y members may refer a non-member friend to the Y or two non-members may join with seperate memberships. Buddy up to get motivated, have fun and get more healthy and fit at the Y!  Stronger, healthier spirit, mind and bodies make for stronger communities!

Buddy Membership Terms

To learn more or to take advantage of the Buddy Membership please visit the Welcome Center.

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What is the Buddy Membership?
It is a new member benefit that allows our existing and new joining members to refer friends/family to join the Hunterdon County YMCA. As an incentive for becoming a partner in health and referring a new member, both the member and the friend/family they bring to the Y will receive 20% ongoing savings off their standard rate of membership!

 Why are we starting the Buddy Membership?
The Y is a cause driven organization dedicated to strengthening the communities we serve through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Surely we cannot achieve such an important mission alone, so we are calling on all of our members to be part of our vital goal to lead to a healthier community.  We know that individuals who choose to live a healthier lifestyle are more successful when behavior change is done with friends or family - their Buddy. The launch of our Buddy Membership aims to bring all members to the forefront as advocates for healthier living, both personally and in the community. Beyond the benefit of encouraging a support system and enhanced motivation, we are rewarding the 20% savings benefit to our members.  The Y is asking all members to help us in making our community healthier by inviting their friends and family to join them at the Y.

Who is eligible to participate?
All Full-Facility monthly draft memberships are eligible to participate in the Buddy Membership. This includes Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Adult Couples, Seniors and Senior Couples, and Family Memberships.

What are the Buddy Membership categories I can join as or refer a Buddy to? 
The following Full-Facility monthly draft categories include:
Teen Buddy (ages 12-17)
Young Adult Buddy (ages 18-24)
Adult Buddy (ages 25-61)
Adult Couple Buddy (ages 25-61)
Family Buddy (1 or 2 adults residing at same address, plus children up to age 24)
Senior Buddy (ages 62+)
Senior Couple Buddy (ages 62+)

How do I get started?
To begin your Buddy Membership, the new joining member needs to identify the current Y member when signing up for membership and complete a Buddy Membership Application. To get started, visit our Welcome Center front desk today!

Does my Buddy have to be with me to join?
We make joining super easy so they don’t have to be with you; we just need their complete name at signup.

If I join as a Couple or Family membership, can I refer my spouse or members of my own family to receive 20% savings?
Unfortunately no. Members referred within your own membership are not eligible to receive Buddy savings. To receive 20% Buddy savings, you must refer a new member, or be referred by a current member outside of your own membership.

Can I be a Buddy if my referring member has a different Full-Facility membership class?
Yes! For example, an Adult may refer a Family and both will receive 20% savings for as long as both remain active members.

Can I refer more than one Buddy?
Yes! You may refer as many Buddies as you would like. You may refer additional members to the Y to maintain the 20% savings off your membership should your original Buddy no longer maintain an active membership. For Buddy savings to remain in effect, at least one active Full-Facility Buddy referral must be maintained.

How long is this reduced rate valid?
The 20% reduced Buddy rate is good for as long as both parties remain members.
Will the Buddy Membership rate ever increase?

Your Buddy Membership rate will always reflect 20% off the standard rate of membership.

I am joining the Y as a Buddy. Do I have to pay a Joiner’s Fee? 
Yes, all members are assessed a Joiner’s Fee upon joining the Y.

I referred my friend and my friend joined. When do they receive their reduced rate?
The Buddy Membership rate will go into effect when the referred membership is purchased. The Buddy Membership rate for your membership will be reflected in the very next billing cycle.

Does my Buddy have to join the same Y?
They may join either one of our two Hunterdon County YMCA full-facility branches, Deer Path or Round Valley. We want to make it easy for your Buddy to lead a healthier lifestyle, so the Hunterdon County Y location does not matter!

Can a current member cancel and rejoin as another member’s Buddy?
You can be referred by a member as long as you have not maintained an active Full-Facility membership within the past 180 days. Please note that a new Joiner’s Fee will apply when joining should you cancel and rejoin.

What happens if a Buddy cancels their membership?
Should one of you cancel your membership, the remaining member has 30 days from your next scheduled draft to refer another Buddy. If the remaining member does not refer another Buddy within this period, the reduced Buddy membership rate will return to the standard rate for the specified membership type.

Can I put my membership on Freeze/hold?
Consistent with our standard member benefit, members in the Buddy Membership may put their memberships on hold for a maximum of 4 months per calendar year. The Buddy’s 20% rate will not be affected, unless one Buddy exceeds 4 months of Freeze or opts to cancel their membership.

What if a member of my household ages out of their current membership class?
Great news! If a member of the household ages out of their current membership class, such as a child becoming of Adult age in a Family membership, the new adult may join as a Buddy along with the existing Family membership. Both will receive the 20% savings. 

I am currently receiving financial assistance. Can I refer a Buddy?
Yes! We encourage all of our members to take this opportunity and help us to make our community a healthier place to live. Should your Buddy decide to join, they will receive the Buddy rate for the membership category they select. Your membership will remain at your financial assistance rate, or be reduced to the 20% Buddy Membership rate for your current membership type, whichever savings are greater. As always, if finances are a barrier, anyone can apply for financial assistance for membership.

 I currently receive or am eligible to receive a reduced membership rate. Can I refer a Buddy?Yes! Should your Buddy decide to join, they will receive the 20% Buddy Membership savings for the membership category they select. However, should you be eligible for an Active Military/First Responder, applicable Corporate, Optum, or other reduced membership rate, you may elect to choose either the Buddy Membership or the aforementioned membership options – whichever savings are greater.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership if I am part of the Buddy Membership?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership as long as both members retain an eligible Full-Facility monthly draft membership. For example, if you have an Adult Buddy membership, you may upgrade to an Adult Couple membership and still maintain the 20% savings in your upgrade.

If I have a Program Membership, how do I take advantage of Buddy savings?
It’s simple! Upgrade to a Full-Facility membership and refer a member today! As always, the Joiner’s Fee is waived and the remaining monthly value of the annual Program Membership is credited towards your Full-Facility membership.

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