Retirement Savings - All Employees are eligible to enroll in the Savings Plan

Beginning with the September 30, 2017 statement, all Fund participants will need to log in to the Retirement Fund website in order to view and print their quarterly benefits statements.
We encourage all Y employees to register for an online account which will give access to the self-serve portal and is available 24/7.
In under 2 minutes, this video gives step-by-step instructions on how to register for an online account. 

Other YRF related information:

These Videos are excellent sources to help you start saving:

Leaving the Y, or Retiring?

Often employees who leave the Y employment, or decide it is time for retirement have many questions about their YMCA Retirement accounts. They wish to know how to go about withdrawing their balances, or whether they have the option of leaving any in their accounts. You can click on the link below if you find yourself in such transition, with similar questions. The FAQ's in this Guide are provided by the YRF, and are a good source of planning before you leave: Guide to Leaving and Retiring

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