Ages 6-10 years old
Mad Science Camps are one week, full day sessions. Mad Science programs run in the morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Children will be split according to age. When the children are not participating in Mad Science, they will enjoy the everyday activities of camp such as arts and crafts, swimming, sports and games, special events and making friends.


Super Slimy Smokey Science
Junior Scientists will dive into a variety of scientific fields as they mix and stretch silly putty and slime, copperplate nickels, and investigate the mysteries of optical illusions.  Laser experiments and dry ice demonstrations will capture their attention as they observe how fun and exciting science can be.  Campers will be amazed as they observe a chemical energy display, the world’s simplest motor, and a hair-raising interactive demonstration worthy of praise by Van de Graaff himself!  Through hands-on experiments ranging from circuits to catapults, children will be able to experience the fascination of what happens when you mix science and fun!

Eureka: Take Flight to the Future
Calling all innovators!  Bring your imagination and let it SOAR as you create a squadron of paper airplanes the Wright brothers would be proud of!  Explore technological advances in flight: hot air balloons, flying machines, and spacecraft.  Launch a variety of stomp rockets, and even take one home!  Learn about lasers, microgravity, and space stations.   Become inspired by Verne and Asimov and build submarines, brainstorm the telecommunications and transportation of the future.  This camp culminates with campers building their own sci-fi inspired light sabers that they can take home, along with their dreams of the future!

Junior Physicians’ Academy
In this weeklong camp, children will have hands-on fun as they learn about scientific equipment that is near and dear to them- the human body!  Campers will explore the science behind cells, organs, muscles, and bones as they navigate through the systems that make up our astonishing anatomy.  Microslide viewers will aid in catching a glimpse of the tiny cellular machines that our bodies need to function.  Interactive experiments will develop a further understanding of our organ systems, including our nervous, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.  Children will construct model cells, make “Mad Mucus, build stethoscopes and lung models, and work together to assemble a model skeleton for a entertaining and educational week of camp!  

Mad Machines & Junior Engineers
Whether children enjoy building structures or destroying them, they will be more than satisfied with this summer camp!  Mini Mad Science engineers will design and build skyscrapers using simple tools and intricate imaginations.  Campers will exercise their ability to work together in order to construct a geodesic dome big enough for all of the campers to fit inside!  Children will be given the opportunity to work with pulleys, wedges, screws, and levers, which they will be using to assemble their own catapults, teaching them to understand the science behind simple machines. Children will maneuver sound-activated robots around an obstacle course, play robot soccer, and even test line-tracking robots during this camp full of hands-on excitement!

Space: Infinity & Beyond
If your child is astro “nuts,” he or she will absolutely love this camp!  Children involved in this program will develop an interest for outer space or can expand a previous passion for our sensational solar system.  Using the Scientific Method, campers will investigate the mechanics of unique flying machines, such as balloon-copters, boomerangs, and mini hovercrafts.  Children will be transported to the past as they delve into how early “pilots” navigated throughout space as they create their own sextant and sundial.  Building upon previous experiments and knowledge learned throughout the week, campers will use what they’ve learned to construct an Estes™ Skywinder rocket and have the option of participating in a live launch demonstration.  

Secret Agent Lab
Look out 007- the Mad Science Secret Agent Lab is in session!  From decoding messages to experimenting with metal detectors and night vision, children will have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and step into the shoes of a detective!  Children will uncover the science involved in gathering and analyzing evidence and the technology behind locks, surveillance systems and alarms.  To test the limits of magnified observation, junior science sleuths will build their own binoculars and develop ways to work together to refine their observation skills.  Campers will use what they have learned as they find, collect, and analyze evidence and connect the dots to solve a simulated crime scene!

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