Get in the game! Join the March Member Challenge. We have two great challenges.

Throughout the month of March -

Adult Members:

1.  Pick up a Member Challenge card in a fitness room or at the Welcome Center.

2. Workout anywhere in the Y-- Fitness Center, Group Fitness Classes, Swimming, Basketball, etc.

3. Have a staff member initial and date your card to verify the workout. (ViPR classes count as 2 workouts)

4. After 10 workouts on different days, turn your card in at the Welcome Center.

5. Start a new card!

You'll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a prize!


 TRX Program - 10 sessions ($65 value)

Personal Training Starter Program - (3 sessions, $99 value)

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker ($130 value)

Youth Fitness Class Members - It's Youth Fitness Bingo!

Youth participating in the Youth Fitness Classes (Monday through Friday in the Healthy Living Studio) are invited to complete a Youth Fitness Bingo card. The cards will be maintained by Ivanna and Mikaela.  Once the Bingo card is complete,  you'll be entered into a drawing to win a prize! 

Questions, contact Teri Saccal at (908) 483-4933 or

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