The Milford YMCA Preschool is currently accepting registrations for the 2018-2019 school year. Call now to schedule a convenient time to visit.

The YMCA Preschool program provides developmentally appropriate group and individual experiences for children ages 2 1/2-5 years of age in a variety of school day settings. 

We carefully design our activities to expand imaginations, nurture physical, intellectual and social growth and encourage lifelong positive learning and values.  School year runs September to June.


YMCA Preschool – a great place to grow!
      -Small class size
      -Low teacher to child ratio
      -Flexible morning and extended day schedules.
      -Nationally recognized Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum
     – Healthy U Program

Milford YMCA Preschool at the Milford Presbyterian Church
70 Bridge Street, Milford

Click here to download the Milford Preschool Brochure for 2018-2019.

Contact Michael Reisman, Early Childhood Education Director at 908.483.4623 or mreisman@hcymca.org

Preschool Class Options for 2017-2018:

On My Own (2 1/2 Year Olds)
  Tuesday and Thursday 9:15-11:15am
Our caring, attentive staff is dedicated to providing young preschoolers a smooth transition from the home environment to a group situation. Children must be 2½ years old by Sept. 1st.

Preschool (3 Year Olds)
  Tuesday and Thursday 9am-11:30am or 9am-1pm,
  Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-11:30am or 9am-1pm,
  Monday - Friday (5 days) 9am-11:30am or 9am-1pm

Our three year olds are encouraged to develop independence, socialize, and participate in a group setting. Children learn to make choices, to take initiative, to form social connections and to make friends. Three year olds are natural learners who thrive in an environment rich in hands-on learning and opportunities for self-discovery. Children should be 3 years old by October 1st and toilet-trained.

Preschool/Pre-K (4 Year Olds)
  Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-1pm or 9am-3pm,
  Monday - Friday (5 days) 9am-1pm or 9am-3pm

Four-Year Olds enter preschool with a wider range of experiences and are offered a more challenging program. Curriculum and structure prepare children for entering Kindergarten. Children are given the opportunity to grow socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally through a stimulating, creative approach to learning. Children should be 4 years old by October 1st and toilet-trained.



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