Specialty Aquatics Programs

LITTLE MERMAIDS & MERMEN - ages 4-5 years
A new class that combines basic swimming skills in a fun way that encourages swimmers to develop a love of swimming while gaining fitness, improving endurance and increasing water safety skills.  Basic dolphin kick is taught as well as underwater swimming routines.  Fins will be provided.  Please bring goggles.

MERMAID CLUB - ages 8-12 years
This new class combines swimming skills and fitness in a safe, unique and fun way.  Students learn the basics of underwater swimming using the dolphin kick and practicing directional changes and underwater swim routines set to music.  Swim fins will be provided.  Please be sure to include your email address when registering to we can confirm your child's swim fin size prior to their attending the class.  Students must be completely comfortable swimming underwater in all depths.  Please bring goggles.  

This workout addresses the top skills needed to improve swimming in a triathlon.  Swimmers are taught to move through the water more effectively by using their core muscles and focus on balance and active streamlining in the water.  Drills used teach an awareness of the dynamics of swimming over and above the development of simple strength and power.  This is a thinking person's swim course.

Scuba certifications now available through Scuba Guru at the Deer Path Branch Pool. 
Call Scuba Guru to learn more and to register 908.379.8220 or visit www.scubaguru.org.




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