Union Gap Village Outdoor Pool
100 Northslope, Clinton, NJ

Y Swim lessons held daily through the summer. Beginner through advanced intermediate levels. Two times a week for four weeks or four times a week for two weeks. See Page 13 for class schedules.  Private lessons also available.  Special pricing for Union Gap Village Condo Association Members. 

WATER BABIES • Ages 6 – 12 Months
Provides parent/caregiver and baby the opportunity to learn how to be safe, comfortable and relaxed in the water.  Children have fun while the parent guides him/her to learn basic aquatic skills.  Swim diapers with rubber pants are required. 

PARENT-TOT • Ages 1 – 3 1/2 yrs
Provides mom/dad/grandparents with the opportunity to learn how to be safe, comfortable and relaxed in the water.  These classes teach water safety and basic swim skills in a fun supportive environment.  Songs, flotation devices and games are used to enhance lessons and add fun.  Swim diapers with rubber pants required.

PIKE • Ages 2 1⁄2 – 4 Years • Water Orientation
Water orientation class designed for the new swimmer. Child must be comfortable in the water without the parent. Children develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water and develop independent movement in the water. Flotation device used.

EEL • Ages 4 – 5 Years • Beginner Level
Skills include flutter kick, front and back float, paddle stroke, rhythmic breathing (bobs), treading water and water safety.  Flotation device used.

RAY • Ages 4 – 5 Years • Intermediate level
Skills include water safety, fundamentals of rotary breathing, and building endurance by swimming on front and back. Diving skills are introduced.   No flotation devices are used

STARFISH• Ages 4 – 5 Years • Advanced level
Review skills learned in Ray, refine front crawl, back-stroke, diving and floating skills. Child begins to swim more distance and gains strength and endurance.

POLLIWOG • Ages 6-12 • Non-swimmer/Beginner Level(Flotation used)
Floating, gliding, kicking and rhythmic breathing (bobs) are learned. Swimming 15 yards using the paddle stroke without flotation must be demonstrated before advancing to Guppy.

GUPPY • Ages 6-12 • Intermediate Beginner
Rotary breathing (proper breathing with front crawl), backstroke, and water safety are learned. Diving skills are introduced. Child must swim 15 yards demonstrating rotary breathing before advancing to Minnow.

MINNOW • Ages 6-12 • Advanced Beginner
Refining front and back crawl, diving and building endurance is the goal of this level. Child must swim 25 yards demonstrating proficiency at front and back crawl to advance to Fish.

Enroll on-line or in person at the YMCA.  Call Flora Mannino (908) 483-4924 or e-mail fmannino@hcymca.org for more information.


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