Hunterdon County YMCA is the starting point for many children to learn about the teamwork and leadership skills crucial to youth sports, and life as a whole. For families across Flemington and Annandale, NJ, Hunterdon County YMCA provides opportunities for families to explore new sports classes that not only build physical strength, but the confidence to tackle all the world will bring in the future.

Gymnastics, Soccer, Dance, & More

Each child has a unique set of skills, and our youth sports classes bring children together to strengthen their physical and emotional skills. We offer classes that range from gymnastics, soccer, and dance to yoga and hockey. While children build the foundational physical skills, they're also pushing emotional boundaries that result in a well-rounded disposition. Whether it's leadership, confidence, or working as a group, children learn to face those obstacles and develop lifelong skills.


In addition to the physical benefits of youth sports, we pride ourselves on digging deeper to fully enrich the lives of our youth. With so many crucial skills still in development, exposing your child to our enrichment classes allows them to work with music, crafts, and more to reap the benefits of a well-rounded education.


If you're ready to get your children involved in youth sports or enrichment classes, explore the below offerings for more detail by clicking on the links. Each class offers a unique set of benefits for particular age groups. 

For more information contact John Rice, 908-483-4934.

Round Valley Classes:

Fitness Fun - 3-6 years

Games Galore - 3-5 years

Ninja Warrior Training - 4-6 years

Speed & Agility 7-12 years

Super Hero Training 2-4 years



Deer Path Classes

Floor Hockey Skills - 3-4yrs

GAGA Ball - 8-12yrs

Healthier Kids Home School PE
New Monday class

Let's Get Moving - 1.5-3 years

Messy Me - 2-4 years

Ninja Warrior Training - 4-6 years

Spartan Warrior Training - 6-8 years

Speed & Agility - 7-12 years

Super Hero Training 2-4 years

Tennis Kidz  - 6-9 years

Tween Extreme Sports - 7-12 years

World Cup Soccer - 3-4 years

Y Hoopsters - 5-8 years

Young Arts Masters at Work - 6-9yrs


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