Each child has a unique set of skills, and our youth sports classes bring children together to strengthen their physical and emotional skills.  While children build the foundational physical skills, they’re also pushing emotional boundaries that result in a well-rounded disposition. Whether it’s leadership, confidence, or working as a group, children learn to face those obstacles and develop lifelong skills.

For more information contact Cameron Bullard, 908-483-4934.

Please click button below for current program guide, which includes program times, prices, and schedules. Online registration will close at the beginning of each session, but please speak with a staff member at Welcome Center or call 908-782-1030 to find out about class availability.


1.5-5 years
Students will explore a variety of engaging music, art, story telling, food, dance, and messy activities. Children must have a parent/guardian present.

Preschool/Kinder Sports

1.5-5 years
Students will explore a variety of seasonal sports, t-ball, soccer, track, basketball, football and more on an introductory level. Children must have a parent/guardian present.

Little Runners

3-6 years
Fun and engaging drills, games, and exercises to get students moving while utilizing our outdoor trail and field to enhance running, throwing, and jumping skills.

Jr. Hoopsters Basketball

Ages 3-5
Students will begin developing the preliminary skills of basketball including dribbling, shooting and passing through various fun drills and activities. A great introduction to team sports, students will learn to work together and play as a team.


3-6 years | 6-12 years
Introduce your child to one of the most captivating sports around the world! Emphasis on proper kicking, passing, dribbling, shooting, and scoring.

Y Hoopsters                             

6-10 years
A great introduction to basketball. Focus is on building skills; ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, team play and sportsmanship.

Ninja Warrior Training

Introducing our new program curriculum -designed to challenge aspiring ninjas through energizing obstacle course training.  Activities are further enhanced through martial arts, fitness, and gymnastics based components.  This program uses adventurous age appropriate systems to allow students to enhance their coordination, balance, and strength based skills in a supportive, social atmosphere.


6-10 years
Introduces the skills of tennis, including the forehand, backhand and serve with emphasis on proper techniques. Players should bring their own racquet.

Track & Field Club

7-12 years
Drills and exercises to develop strength, coordination, and speed in the area of track and field. Utilizes our outdoor trail and field to enhance the experience.

Gym & Swim

A safe environment for children to continue developing both social and physical skills. Children will engage in fun group activities such as team sports, obstacle courses, and more, in addition to a swim period each week. Please bring childrendressed in their bathing suits so they can hop right in the pool!

Private sports lessons are also now available – click here to read more and/or submit a form to schedule lessons.

Check out our Sports & Enrichment Day Camps. Click here to learn more.

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