Water exercise is an excellent workout for people of all ages, fitness levels and swimming abilities. Water offers 12 times the resistance of air, which helps improve muscle strength while being easy on the joints. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular performance and increased flexibility.

NEW!   Aqua-Dynamics Water Exercise

Combining the latest aquatic exercise techniques and moves, this energetic class is designed to work out all the “post-quarantine kinks” while improving core strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and overall strength and muscle tone.  Lively music and motivating instruction will insure you have fun while you improve your overall fitness levels from head to toe.  Held in the shallow section, class structure is designed to insure participants can maintain social distance while participating fully.  Participants must bring their own aquatic exercise hand barbells which can be purchased on-line. Those who wish to pick up free used equipment prior to class should contact Flora Mannino at (908) 483-4924

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